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Integrated Technologies for In-Vivo Molecular Imaging is an Integrated Project funded by FP6 EU contract LSHG-CT-2003-503259 and coordinated by FO.R.T.H. It involves 21 Partners from European research centers, academia and enterprises, involving collaborators from Russia and the United States. Its expected duration is of 60 Months, starting from the 1st of January 2004.

Project Summary

 The goal of the Molecular Imaging Integrated Project is to generate and apply novel advanced technology for non-invasive imaging of biomolecular function in living systems ranging from single cells to whole animals. Main areas for technological innovation are:

  • Generation of new biosensors enabling novel ways of functional contrast

  • Improving resolution of microscopic and tomographic imaging systems, and

  • Creating new multimodal imaging setups combining different contrast modes.

It is expected that our combined effort will provide spectacular new opportunities for phenotyping functional (molecular) analysis in cells and animal models. To achieve this goal we bring together a unique consortium of leading research groups in Europe combining:

  • Engineers, experimental and theoretical physicists (who design new and improved, tomographic and microscopic imaging devices for in vivo-imaging)

  • Bioorganic chemists and molecular biologists (for the design of new chemical and genetic encoded molecular probes and biosensors

  • Biologists examining fundamental questions at the cell, organ and whole animal level (thereby providing the above research the appropriate and relevant goals for the technological innovation)

 The management structure of the project provides for continuous interactions and flow of information among the various participants, groups and subgroups involved in each workpackage. High quality training is guaranteed by the exchange of young researchers among the expert participants and by summer and other schools. Inclusion and interactions with companies active in this field are among the several means of exploitation of the expected RTD and innovation results.

Contact Information

Molecular Imaging is coordinated by Prof. Eleftherios N. Economou, from the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FO.R.T.H.), based in Heraklion, Greece.

Postal address
P.O. Box 1579, 71110 Heraklion, Greece
Electronic mail
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